West Antarctic Peninsula Biogeographical Atlas

The WAP biogeographical atlas is a collection of discrete data points and krigging surfaces for the Palmer LTER cruise area.  Krigging areas area available as pdf graphics and as matrices.  Parameters are bacterial abundance, chlorophyll, dissolved oxygen, leucine uptake, nitrate and nitrite, phosphate, primary production, salinity, silicate, and temperature.  Most years are present from 1993-2014, and depths generally go to 80 meters.  The atlas also includes the classification of these parameters into distinct “biomes”.  A paper describing this process is in preparation.  Last, the atlas includes some animations.  See the README.txt file for more details.

Palmer Station 2015 Metatranscriptomes

We sequenced 76 metatranscriptomes representing 26 distinct samples during the winter-spring seasonal transition.  In order to capture both eukaryotes and prokaryotes only a 0.2 micron filter was used (i.e. no size fractionation).  Data in the form of log fold change of significantly differentially expressed genes are available, however, the time points and treatment conditions are being withheld until we publish the data.  If you have a particular interest in this dataset we welcome collaboration, and will provide a key to the treatment conditions on request.

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